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Picture of me My name is Brian Kelly. I am a software developer by day and a geek most of the rest of the time. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

Here's what you can find on my site:


I've been blogging since the 2000, on a variety of platforms over the years. Currently I'm moving my posts to my blog right here, though there's still a good number of posts in my blog archive over on WordPress still.

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I like to do a few different things in my spare time. My hobbies mostly revolve around computers, music, games and mountain bikes.


One of the best ways I learn something is by taking notes on it. I put my notes online so I can refer to them easily and so that others may learn from them as well.


Sometimes my hobbies give birth to personal projects. Web sites, maps, songs, games - those kind of things.


I love when books, movies, albums and web sites have a section telling you about what they used to create it, so I thought others might be interested in what I use to make this site.

Other Stuff

Here's some stuff I host externally:

My Resume

Maintaining a resume on multiple sites in multiple formats is tedious. I wrote a little script that turns my resume in Markdown format into a web site and a PDF.

Tumblr Blog

I'm sharing some lighter/fun stuff on my Tumblr blog.

I also have a slightly silly number of Tumblrs I use for various things like tracking ideas I have, collecting inspiration isometric art, chronicling my on again/off again Minecraft playing, maintaining a list of fantasy musical collaborations and keeping a wishlist of hardware/software features.


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