My name is Brian Kelly. I am a software engineer by day, a songwriter by night and a geek most of the rest of the time. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I am a full-stack software engineer well-versed in agile, lean, TDD, pairing, teaching, devops, automation and working remotely. I'm also a songwriter with proficiencey in guitar, piano/keyboards, singing, bass, drums, recording and production.

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Podcasting Equipment

I’ve been helping my friend Neha produce her podcast Who Reads Poetry? for the last few months. While preparing for it I read a slew of different blog posts and articles about recording podcasts so I could get an idea of the different equipment, software...


PHP Development on macOS

I long time ago I did PHP development. Then I discovered Ruby on Rails and never, ever wanted to look back. This was around the time of Rails 2 which was 10 years ago!

There are still a lot of jobs out there for PHP developers and I became curious as to how much PHP has “matured” in the last several years.


Preventing Email Address Leaking with Devise

When using Devise in a Ruby on Rails application if a user tries to sign up for an account using an email address that’s already being used the site lets you know with an error message Email Address has already been taken.

This means somebody could try to sign up with your email address to see if you have an account on the site. If the web site is about a sensitive subject then your users may not want other people poking around to see if they have an account on it.


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Recent Projects


A text file format for transcribing the chords and lyrics for a song and converting it to HTML.

NYC Musicians, Singers & Songwriters

Meetup group for getting together to jam or work on songwriting together. Includes chord/lyrics charts in desktop, mobile and PDF format.

Escape Capsule

Boy meets girl. Boy is the ship's computer. Boy loses girl.


A song about how winter can intensify your longing for somebody.

Mission to Zyxx - Theme Cover

A guitar rock cover of the Mission to Zyxx theme song.

Who Reads Poetry?

A podcast about poetry that I do the audio engineering and intro music for.

Guitar Chord Chart PDF

A PDF chart of basic/common guitar chords.


Command-line tool for searching for Java dependencies in Maven Central.

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