Reflection a Month - Only A Dream

March 6, 2016

What It Sounds Like

Where It Came From

This song started from a few guitar riffs I had been noodling around with for quite a while. It all came together quite quickly while away from a significant other for an extended period of time (okay, a week) for the first time in the relationship. I decided to exaggerate that feeling for the lyrics of the song.

What I Like About It

The guitar solo was so enjoyable that I extended that section well beyond what I initially imagined so I could have enough fun with it. I also like how I managed to have that section build up over time by having the drums, bass and rhythm guitar increase in intensity with each 8 bar section.

I like the little electric guitar riffs that happen before the second verse and thought out the choruses. I’m pretty pleased with the bass part as well.

This was also one of the first songs I used Logic Pro X’s Drummer and I think it was quite successful. I use it all the time now.

Overall I’m quite happy with how this song worked out, especially since it pretty much came together out of nowhere.

What I Would Do Differently

  • I would read up on how to mic an acoustic guitar and record it that way instead of directly into an audio interface.
  • I’d also record the lead guitar part with an amp and mic. The tone of it bothers me a little bit (it’s a little too plucky), so I’d likely go for something a little smoother.
  • I would (and probably will!) run this song through iZotope Ozone just to get a better volume from this song.

What It Looks Like