Logic Pro X Collaboration Tips and Techniques

March 21, 2016

As I’ve started collaborating with people on Logic Pro, I’ve collected a few useful tips and techniques for making things go smoothly.

Keep Logic Up To Date

It’s a good idea to make sure you always have the latest version of Logic Pro X installed. This will be the most stable version available and will ensure you and the people you collaborate with are running the same version.

To ensure you have the latest version, open the Apple menu, click on App Store... and then on the Updates icon. If there’s an update for Logic available it will be listed here and you can click on Install to download and install it.

Install All Logic Pro Content

To take full advantage of the instruments, effects and loops available you should download all available content for Logic. I suggest doing this while you go out since it may take a few hours.

From the Logic Pro X menu choose Sound Library and then Download All Available Sounds

Enable All Advanced Features

To ensure you and your collaborators are able to use Logic Pro X to its fullest, you should enable all the advanced tools that Logic contains but turns off by default.

To enable these features, open the Logic Pro X menu, choose Preferences, then Advanced Tools... and click the Enable All button.

Use Alternatives

When working on a project together it’s a good idea to create a separate copy of your project to keep the original in tact. Logic Pro X makes this super easy with one of its advanced features called Alternatives.

When you’re about to do some work on a project with somebody else open the File menu, select Alternatives and then choose New Alternative.... This will prompt you for a name.

Now under the Alternatives menu you’ll be able to switch back to your original version of the project at any time.

Use Logic Pro Plug-Ins

To make it easy to collaborate, consider only using the plug-ins that come with Logic Pro X. This way, between having the latest version of Logic and all the available content, you can feel secure that you and your collaborators have all the same instruments, effects and loops.

Use Standard Shortcut Keys

Trading tips and tricks for using Logic will be a lot easier if you and your partner are using the same shortcut keys. For that I recommend sticking with the defaults provided by Logic. This will likely also make learning resources likes books easier to follow.

To reset Logic to the default key commands, click on the Logic Pro X menu, select Key Commands and Presets and choose your country/language.

Exporting Stems

If your collaborator uses a different digital audio workstation than Logic back at home then the best way to share your work is by exporting all your tracks as separate audio files for them to import into their own DAW.

To do this, click on the File menu and choose Export, then All Tracks as Audio Files. Note that you have a lot of options in the Save dialog that comes up, so be sure to review each of the settings before clicking Save.