Here are a bunch of things I've made or helped make.

Action Game Track

A loopable piece of game music done in the style of Contra. Good for an action game.

Annotated Spring

A short-lived series of screencasts showing how to build web applications using Spring and Java, inspired by RailsCasts.

Astrosmash Phaser Clone

A simple clone of Astrosmash using PhaserJS.

Carnival of Sorts (Cover)

A cover of an old R.E.M. song, done with Oliver Switzer


For September's song-a-month this guitar shredder piece came out of nowhere. A poor man's Joe Satriani!

Carry On

A song-a-month song done in only 24 hours. This was my personal anthem in January of 2016.

Cool With It

A song-a-month guitar piece done in February of 2016.

D & D Miniatures Database

A Rails app for tracking your collect of D & D miniatures.

EasyJam 2

A littleBits project that lets you play music with a slider by mapping it to one of five different scales.

Escape Capsule

Boy meets girl. Boy is the ship's computer. Boy loses girl.

First Flight

November 2015's song-a-month songs. Another guitar instrumental, this time in 7/8.

Graham Hills Park Trail Map

The first mountain biking trail map I ever made for the park that helped start my mountain biking journey.

Granite Knolls Park Trail Map

A trail map for mountain biking in Granite Knolls.

Guitar Chord Chart PDF

A PDF chart of basic/common guitar chords.

It's the Same for Everybody Else Here

A bass-centric song-a-month song for October 2015.

l8 Ruby Gem

A Ruby gem for controlling a single or group of l8 Smartlights.

littleBits Ruby Gem

A Ruby Gem for controlling the littleBits cloudBit and Arduino Module.

Marble Mania 2003

An Unreal Tournament 2003 mod version of one of my all-time favorite arcade games - Marble Madness.


The theme to Metroid, if it was performed by 1970's Genesis.

Mission to Zyxx - Theme Cover

A guitar rock cover of the Mission to Zyxx theme song.

NYC Musicians, Singers & Songwriters

Meetup group for getting together to jam or work on songwriting together. Includes chord/lyrics charts in desktop, mobile and PDF format.

Only A Dream

August's song-a-month written while being away from a loved one.

Pragmatic Guide to Maven

My attempt a writing a book in the style of the Pragmatic Guides for Maven during PragProWriMo.


Command-line tool for searching for Java dependencies in Maven Central.

Scavenger Hunt

A capture the flag variant created for the original Unreal Tournament.


A growing set of tools to help inspire songwriting.


A text file format for transcribing the chords and lyrics for a song and converting it to HTML.

Spring Boot for Rails Developers

A presentation showin Rails developers how to accomplish the same things with Spring Boot.

Super Minimalistic

My entry for Ludum Dare 26 in April of 2013. A game where you do your best to avoid picking anything up, no matter how shiny and tempting!

TDD All the Languages!

An ongoing project in which I describe how to install, initialize, set up dependencies for and test a Piglatin library for every programming langage out there.

The Laundry Room - 5 Song E.P.

My college band's 5 song CD. That's a compact disc for you young ones.

The Laundry Room - Self Titled Album

My college band's self-titled album.

Thirty Six Questions

A set of questions to help generate closeness between two people.

Tiny World

A tiny, incomplete game written using Ruby/Chingu for Ludum Dare in April of 2012.

ubyray Ruby Gem

A Ruby gem for translating english words to Piglatin.

Water Level Track

A loopable piece of game music that follows the song structure of Super Mario Brothers Level 1 theme music. Likely good for an underwater level.

Who Reads Poetry?

A podcast about poetry that I do the audio engineering and intro music for.


A song about how winter can intensify your longing for somebody.

Woodlands Legacy Fields Park Trail Map

A trail map for mountain biking in Woodlands Legacy Fields Park.