Here are a bunch of things I made or helped make:

Wasteland Warfare Icons

A collection of SVG icons for the game Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius Entertainment.

Musicians, Singers & Songwriters

A desktop/mobile/print songbook and Meetup for getting together to jam and work on songs together.


A text file format for transcribing the chords and lyrics for a song and converting it to HTML.

Jackbox Decider

A little web app to help you decide which Jackbox game to play with your friends based on the number of people attending.

National Park Symbols

A collection of National Park Symbols provided in 3 styles of Scalable Vector Graphics and fonts.

Who Reads Poetry?

Neha Kumari's podcast about poetry that I did the audio engineering and intro music for.

Granite Knolls Park Trail Map

A trail map for mountain biking in Granite Knolls.

Woodlands Legacy Fields Park Trail Map

A trail map for mountain biking in Woodlands Legacy Fields Park.

Graham Hills Park Trail Map

The first mountain biking trail map I ever made for the park that helped start my mountain biking journey.

Marble Mania 2003

An Unreal Tournament 2003 mod version of one of my all-time favorite arcade games - Marble Madness.

Scavenger Hunt

A capture the flag variant created for the original Unreal Tournament.

The Laundry Room - Self Titled Album

My college band's self-titled album.

The Laundry Room - 5 Song E.P.

My college band's 5 song CD. That's a compact disc for you young ones.