Here are a bunch of songs I've written or covered:

Escape Capsule

Boy meets girl. Boy is the ship's computer. Boy loses girl. Boy writes song about it.

Carry On

A song about reflecting on your self, keeping calm and...

Only A Dream

Thinking too much while being away from a loved one.


A song about how the winter season can intensify your longing for somebody.

It's the Same for Everybody Else Here

A bass-centric song-a-month song for October 2015.

Cool With It

A song-a-month guitar piece done in February of 2016.

First Flight

November 2015's song-a-month songs. Another guitar instrumental, this time in 7/8.


For September's song-a-month this guitar shredder piece came out of nowhere. A poor man's Joe Satriani!


The theme to Metroid, if it was performed by 1970's Genesis.

Mission to Zyxx Theme

A guitar rock cover of the Mission to Zyxx podcast theme song.

Carnival of Sorts

A cover of an old R.E.M. song, done with Oliver Switzer.