Mentone, AL - -

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer @ Carbon Five (2018 - Present)

Contract Software Engineer @ Lionbridge (2016 - 2017)

Senior Full-Stack Developer @ FetLife (2016)

  • Full stack developer for Ruby on Rails web site
  • Upgraded FetLife web site from Rails 4 to Rails 5
  • Automated developer machine setup
  • Improved test suite performance and coverage
  • Implemented member invitation system

Principal Software Engineer @ Pivotal Labs (2013 - 2016)

  • Full stack developer for Ruby and Java/Spring projects
  • Practiced test driven development and pairing on a daily basis
  • Created office dashboard to help promote office activities and interactivity
  • Created workstation setup project to simplify and automate machine provisioning
  • Created internal knowledge base to promote learning and sharing of technologies and coding practices

Build & Deploy Architect @ Time Inc. (2009 - 2013)

Lead Engineer for Build & Deploy Automation System

  • Implemented automated builds and deployments for Java, Rails and LAMP applications using Anthill Pro
  • Reduced build and deploy times from hours to minutes
  • Removed error prone manual build and deploy processes
  • Developer best practices for version control, build automation, dependency management, deployment automation
  • Provided for seamless data center transition for all projects in Anthill Pro
  • Created custom reports to show project & environment statuses and details

Lead Developer & Project Manager for Custom CMDB

  • Developed custom Configuration Management Database using Ruby on Rails
  • Managed features and priorities using Pivotal Tracker
  • Worked in 2 week iterations and delivered working software each iteration

Web Development Mentor

  • Mentored intern in migrating internal Operations tool from Java Desktop Client to Ruby on Rails application (2012)
  • Mentored intern in building Infrastructure dashboard using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery (2011)

Software Architect @ Time Inc. (2007 - 2009)

Technical Lead for Redesign

  • Assisted in writing Functional Specification
  • Wrote Technical Specification
  • Led team of 7 template and front-end developers
  • Lead Developer for CDA
  • Worked with Editorial team to structure and organize their content
  • Worked with various 3rd parties to integrate their content

Technical Lead for Ad Delivery Migration

  • Created JavaScript and TCL libraries for delivering ads via Dart for Publishers
  • Created documentation and training material to transition web sites
  • Worked with Ads, Editorial and Development teams for all publication to define and implement transitions

Technical Lead for Site Analytics (Omniture), Sponsored Links (Various) and Video (Brightcove) integration

  • Created JavaScript and TCL libraries for integrating each partner’s functionality
  • Created documentation and training materials for each solution

Technical Lead @ Time Inc. (2005 - 2007)

Technical Lead for Redesign

  • Wrote technical specification
  • Led team of 5 template and front-end developers
  • Lead developer for CDA
  • Worked with Editorial team to structure and organize their content Redesign

  • Wrote Technical Specification
  • Developed Ad and Analytics libraries in XSLT

Technical Lead for Redesign

  • Wrote technical specification
  • Managed contract employee


  • Wrote Functional Specification for custom Content Management System
  • Assisted in migrating sites from Vignette 5 to Vignette 6
  • Participated in small team of experts to evaluate potential Content Management System solution
  • Provided technical assistance, prototype and technical specification for dynamic InStyle image galleries
  • Created TCL libraries, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for internal documentation system
  • Participated in Best Practices Initiative
  • Participated in Content Management System team

Web Developer @ Time Inc. (2004 - 2005)

  • Wrote configuration-based API for accessing Publication content in TCL, reducing development time for each Publication by ~2 weeks
  • Lead Developer for Re-design
  • Developer for Redesign
  • Developer for Emmys web site

Web Developer @ (2000 - 2003)

  • Developer for a number of high-profile web sites:,,,
  • Multi-tasked both short and long-term projects from conception to completion
  • Extensive work with Vignette StoryServer, TCL, PHP, SQL and TeamSite as well as some Java/JSP
  • Built a multi-faced, high-traffic Web Mail system in PHP using IMAP
  • Producer for Games and Casino channels which featured Java and Flash games from various providers. Java games tie into back-end chips/high score server using Applets and JSP
  • Wrote flexible frameworks that were used across multiple sites and products, each with their own data and presentation

Web Developer @ The Journal News (2000 - 2000)

  • Built a custom HTML generation process using a proprietary system/language to extract news articles from Quark pages and turn them into web pages. This system was used for 5 years beyond my employment.
  • Automated various processes for updating the paper’s web site: FTPing files, updating databases, etc. using Perl, PHP, MySQL and AppleScript
  • Worked with several other departments to bring their information to the web

Technical Support @ Cloud 9 Internet (1997 - 1999)

  • Provided phone support to customers
  • Administered FreeBSD machines

Technician @ Perfect Computer

  • Built personal computers
  • Set up Windows and Novell networks
  • Ran Cat-5 and coaxial cable

Internal Support @ Datacap

  • Managed office computers and network
  • Developed custom form processing logic for customers


Manhattanville College (1993 - 1996)

  • Served on the Technology Committee
  • Set up college’s first web server as a custom course
  • Built college’s first web site
  • Worked in the computer lab assisting students

Skills, Languages, Tools

  • Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git, PostgreSQL
  • Agile, Test Driven Development


  • Software Development
  • Songwriting
  • Games
  • Cartography